Aarsh pandey
1 min readMay 25, 2017


Hi guys, today we will see the features of the new version of Internet protocol i.e. IPv6.

Let us first go through the limitations of Internet protocol version 4. And then we will discuss the features of IPv6.

Internet protocol version 4 was designed in the early 81s and did not get any major change afterward. At that time Internet was limited with in few university.

IPv4 use 32bit and offer around 4,29,49,67,296 addresses. This was more than enough at that time.

But Internet has grown exponentially and the addresses provided by IPv4 becomes less.

Even IPv4 does not provide any security. The data has to encrypt using some other applications

SOURCE : supportforums.cisco.com

Now the problem that was with IPv4 is solved.

Features of IPv6

  • Large address space
  • Simplified Header
  • End to end connectivity
  • Auto configuration
  • Faster forwarding/routing
SOURCE : https://supportforums.cisco.com/blog/12914981/direccionamiento-ipv6-bases-y-fundamentos